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Dance and House Music by DJ Misha

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DJ Misha’s styles of music can best be describes as modern dance music – tracks with groovy bass lines, catchy hooks and endless vibes. Influenced by elements of funk, disco and jazz with guitars, sax, synths, vocals – driving the dance floor energy with sensible programming selections all night long.

Sticking to the roots of the essence of the DJ – Misha’s main purpose is to select good music and mix it together – seamlessly – to create a mood. That effort starts by digging into those record crates for tracks that are fun, hip and engaging in any environment. And comes alive by blending the songs together on the mixer and turntables, building energy from track to track to keep the vibe flowing in the room for moving people dancing the night away.

What kind of music will DJ Misha play at my event?

Every event is different, and yours will be too. Generally DJ Misha plays a collection of dance, house music and top hits all under the electronic music genre umbrella. If you would like to see a sampling of songs DJ Misha is currently playing, head over to his Serato DJ playlists page where he posts track lists from his live DJ sets.

Serato is the popular DJ software and hardware that Misha uses to perform while DJ’ing. The software allows its users to easily export their sets, post it on their website or share it publicly. There you can get a sampling of how DJ Misha’s performances comes together at actual events.

View tracks & songs DJ Misha is playing

Misha was great to work with. We told him the vibe we were looking for and then we played an amazing 4 hour set without any direction needed from us. Had all the people dancing. 10/10

Quinn T. via Google

DJ Misha is spinning vinyl and streaming live on Twitch

Tune in to Twitch and listen to DJ Misha spinning records live – you can listen from your living room or wherever you might be.

The live broadcasts feature house music that is mixed on turntables and vinyl records – quite a rare showing in this digital day and age.

The intention of the channel is to expose people to on the art of DJ’ing, including the technical aspects of mixing and the aesthetics of controlling vinyl records. Therefore the camera is focused directly on the turntables and music is the main feature – there are no microphone announcements or interruptions – so you can fully enjoy the vibe created by the DJ who is mixing the music.

Listen live and be sure to hit that follow button at

His music got everyone on the dance floor, and we were there for hours! It was so much fun!

Jennifer. via Google

Listen and Download House Music Mixes

Below you may listen to and download dance and house music mixes created by DJ Misha in his San Diego studio in Mission Beach, California. These 1 hour DJ mixes are made and planned in the studio and represents deep house music mixes that create a specific feel and vibe within each set:

DJ Misha - Going to a show

Going to a show

DJ Misha - Unsettled Voices

Unsettled Voices

DJ Misha - Find Another You

Find Another You

DJ Misha - Summer Promo Mix

Summer Promo Mix

DJ Misha - That Feeling We Had

That Feeling We Had

Listen to more DJ mixes from San Diego House Music

Still can’t get enough house music, deep house, techno or EDM? Then head over and listen to even more house music DJ mixes and EDM genre mixes by real DJ’s. Be sure to check out a website that DJ Misha helps curate. 

DJ Misha on SoundCloud